Lamp Shop



The 14th Street Lamp & Shade Shop specializes in hard-to-wire fixtures, including: custom lamps, lamp rewiring and repair, antique chandelier restoration, French wiring, European conversions, lamp parts, and custom finishes. Choose from in-stock and special order lampshades from Lake Shore Studios, Allure, Morlee Shades, Canterbury Roseart, Tailor-Made and Monter Lite.


Meet Our Lighting Expert


Get creative with the help of Gail Whiteside, our custom lighting design and restoration expert. Gail brings a rare mix of vision and attention to detail to every project, from sketching ideas to wiring the most unforgiving chandelier. Those special talents have attracted a following appreciative of her keen eye, impeccable craftsmanship and can-do attitude. Plus, Gail knows all the latest tricks to keep your lighting looking current. With her informed outlook—and the firm belief that every object has potential as a lamp—you can realize virtually any lighting concept. Start to Finial.